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...mother, wife, scuba diver, actor, banjo picker, educator, dialect-coach, foodie, opera lover, ex-sommelier, gardener, adventurer...

Originally from Greenville, SC., Miranda is an actor, dialect/acting coach, director, and adjunct professor of theatre at The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University.  Miranda studied voice performance at Florida State University, choral conducting at Furman University, and received an MFA in Acting from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a proud member of Actors' Equity Association.


While she has travelled far and wide, the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains have always beckoned, and now she and her husband Aaron Brakefield, are raising their son, Wilkes, in the home acquired by Miranda's great grandparents in 1936. Wilkes is the fifth generation to live on that land.

Miranda first stepped on stage as a classical singer aiming for a career in opera. But before transitioning to a full-time career in acting, Miranda was also a sommelier at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, a licensed Realtor, and dabbled in hypnotherapy and energy healing for performing artists.

"a few of my favorite things:

jewel tones

Northern Thai Khao Soi

my father's letter to me on my 20th birthday

pugs and other flat-faced animals

my son's funny faces

Verdi's Don Carlo

diving at Wakatobi in Indonesia

the symphony of crickets and frogs on a Southern summer night

The Punch Brothers







The Heath   January '20

Cry It Out    April '19

The Heath (World Premiere) Feb '19

Clybourne Park

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike

The Rocky Horror Show

Boeing Boeing

Richard III



Lamplight and Shadow


Steel Magnolias

A Christmas Carol

My Fair Lady

Tennessee Playboy

God of Carnage

Judith of Bethulia

Twelfth Night

A Flea In Her Ear

Sweeney Todd

Whose Wives Are They Anyway?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

The Bungler

Hot 'n Throbbing





Bev / Kathy

La Marquise de Merteuil





Fräulein Kost, Helga

Therapist, Nursemaid, others

Elizabeth Poe, Blackbird, others



Mrs. Cratchit, Ensemble

Lady Boxington, Mrs. Hopkins

Widow Quince  U/S

Veronica Novak



Raymonde Chandebise

Beggar Woman / Lucy

Karly McGachen

Lenore, Ensemble

The Storyteller



That Woman

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The Warehouse Theatre

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Distracted Globe

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Jay Briggs

Matthew Earnest

Mark Waldrop

Richard St. Peter

Anne Tromsness

Alexander Greenfield

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Shannon Robert

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Paul Savas

Kristy Cates

Bryan Conger

Bryan Conger

Preston Lane

Matthew Teague Miller

Danille Keil

Jerrold Scott

Richard St. Peter

David Sims

Glenda Manwaring

Glenda Manwaring

Jim Wren

Matthew Teague Miller

Matthew Teague Miller

Danielle Keil




Rise Above the Fall (music video)

36 Hours

The Devil's Game

Another Day







Elsewhere Station

Elsewhere Station

Big Merlin Productions

UNCG Campus Movie Fest

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts


Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook

Adam Wagner

Devin Miller

Chelsey Cummings

Adam Witmer


Master of Fine Arts in Acting: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Teaching Certification in Choral Music Education:  Furman University

Bachelor of Arts in Music - Voice Performance:  Florida State University

Acting: Jim Wren, John Gulley, Preston Lane

Voice and Dialects: Christine Morris, Jayce Tromsness

Singing: Susan Lyle, Nancy Walker, Larry Gerber, Trudy Fuller

Movement and Combat: Denise Gabriel, Jim Wren


Excellent ear for accents, dialects, and tight harmonies; IPA proficient; Good sight reading skills

Singing (mezzo soprano / alto) - advanced; Piano – intermediate; Banjo - intermediate

Orchestral / Choral Conducting, Musical Composition and Orchestration

Certified Sommelier by The Court of Master Sommeliers; Firearm proficient (pistol, rifle, shotgun)

Dance – good mover;  SCUBA certified; SC licensed driver



fete Magazine
Greenville Online
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Lauren  in The Heath


"The marvel is that Barnett and Judy collaborate to inhabit these characters with such care and humanity that the verisimilitude is gripping. Before she strikes the first chord on the banjo, Barnett becomes Lauren"


-Nancy Grossman, Broadway World- Boston

"Slated for the role of Lauren, actress Miranda Barnett picked up a used banjo in a shop near her home in South Carolina six months ago and learned to play. Its previous owner had passed away, and the instrument seems to have found the perfect new home with Miranda and MRT. But don’t think her musical skills are lacking. She has a fine grasp of the instrument, with clean fingering and precise rolls.

-Karla Sorenson, MRT Cohort Report


La Marquise de Merteuil in Les Liaisons Dangereuses

"As the deliciously destructive marquise, Barnett comes equipped with aristocratic features and a stunning physique that would be the envy of the late 18th-century French court. Her graceful, vulnerable, flawed marquise is kind of like a cat—playful one minute, claws out in a flash, fastidious, wary and conniving. Bottom line: Barnett is the show or, as the French would say, its pièce de ré·sis·tance."

-John Jeter, fête Magazine



"Barnett, fresh from her comic turn in 'Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,' is diabolically delectable in a robust part that easily ranks among the echelons of coveted juicy roles such as Lady Macbeth or Blanche DuBois. She brims with confidence, has flawless articulate delivery and captivatingly commands our attention, and that of her rival when she beckons him in a come hither move from across the stage to kiss her hand."

-Sandy Staggs, Carolina Curtain Call

"Miranda Barnett, always striking and here particularly so, stars as La Marquise de Merteuil... As La Marquise, Miranda Barnett gives a commanding performance that is both fire and ice."

-Neil Shurley, The Greenville News

Mascarille in The Bungler

"Yes, Moliere wrote Mascarille for a man, but when a talent as formidable as Barnett is on the scene,a director seizes the chance... You'd think her balance would have to be affected by the injury, but it clearly isn't, not the way she bestrides the stage like a colossal star."

-New York theatre critic, Peter Filichia

Filichia On Friday.png

Truvy in Steel Magnolias

"Barnett’s Truvy ... serves as this group’s unofficial ringleader, and you couldn’t hope for a more assured or spectacular one. I’m not sure my focus ever completely left Barnett whenever Truvy was on-stage. She didn’t even have to do anything. Barnett was simply alert and aware and constantly in the moment, and her physicality and readings were so controlled yet so unfussy – and so freaking hilarious – that it didn’t at all seem like she was taking over the show, intentionally or otherwise; the show just seemed to naturally gravitate toward her." 

-Mike Schultz, River Cities' Reader

"Truvy ... is played spot-on by Miranda Barnett. Barnett portrays just the right amount of sexy mixed with common sense and love…especially romance. Watch out…she can be a scene stealer; her stage presence is captivating and always interesting to watch."

-Jami R. Smith, Clinton Herald

Catesby in Richard III

"Miranda Barnett deserves extra praise for her marvelous take on the assassin Catesby. She's one of those actors who can make Shakespearean dialogue sound utterly natural as she speaks it — "trippingly on the tongue" to quote a different play. She's also got a striking physical appearance that is at times comic, at other moments absolutely bone chilling."

-Neil Shurley, The Greenville News



Adrienne in Cry it Out

Screenshot_2018-12-18 Home - Warehouse T

Lauren in The Heath

 January 10-26, 2020 

Screenshot_2018-12-18 Home - Warehouse T

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